Buy villa for $200,000
with ocean view and
get amazing live or passive income

ROI from 9,2% to 18,3%
Net profit - from $19,278 per year
Own a villa with ocean views for $200,000. The land is located near the beautiful beaches of Melasti and Karma. You will be able to see every sunrise and amazing sunset and feel the freshness of the ocean every time. We can only build 4 villas on this land. Don't miss the opportunity to catch one of the last pieces of paradise.

About project

About land

Plot size - 2 are
Ownership - freehold
2 min walk to cliff
5 min drive to melasti beach
5 min drive to pandawa beach

Available only 3/5 plots

Choose a better life

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Amazing sunsets
You won't miss the best sunrise and sunset. Enjoy the beauty of Bali every day without even having to leave the villa.
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You can live in your villa at any time or rent and lease another villa in Bali or in another country. Bali is in high season all the time.
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The land is in a private location.
You can always feel free and secluded in the villa.
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Best beaches
The best beaches in Bali with white sand and swimming opportunities for children are 5 minutes away: Melasti, pandawa, greenbowl.
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Surfing and sport
There are 10 top surf spots within 8 minutes of the ground for different levels of training.

Example project #1

Villa #1
Building size - 145 sq.m
Bedrooms - 2 or 3
Floors - 2
Bathrooms - 2 or 3
Open space living room with kitchen
Private pool

This is an example of a project. The design can be modified according to your wishes.
Have built more than 30 villas
experience in construction
30+ villas
10 year

Our experience building in Bali

Example project #2

Villa #2
Building size - 148 sq.m
Bedrooms - 2 or 3
Floors - 2
Bathrooms - 2
Private pool
Open space living room with kitchen

This is an example of a project. The design can be modified according to your wishes.
Build for 8 months
You get a reliable partner. We provide project management and will construction time planning and follow it.
Transparent service
Estimate fixed
Each construction stage goes through 3 levels of quality control system and through supervisors with 20 years experience in construction.
We provide transparent customer service. Our clients get daily detailed reports and can monitor the construction online.
Due to building information model we can provide detailed calculation before start construction and fixed it.

Our advantages

Own villa with ocean view in bali for $200,000
What included in this price
- Villa 140-160 sq.m
- 2 are land with ocean view
- Ownership: Freehold
- Interior finish
- Private Pool

Not included
- Furnishing
- Equipment

Business model

Want another design?
Calculate the cost of your villa design and get a design concept for free

We will send you a full catalogue of our projects and will arrange viewing of the facilities so that you could get acquainted with the finished projects.

Would you like to get to know our projects better?

Learn more about construction technology
Evaluate the quality of construction on the object
Ask questions to the construction manager.

Why do clients choose our villas?

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Eco friendliness
We use only environmentally friendly materials. We monitor the air circulation in the room and prevent the appearance of mold.
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In our houses people are accustomed to stay in even in the hottest time because the walls keep cool. We think over in detail the villa location on the ground and the windows so that natural light fills the space and does not disturb the natural air circulation.
Energy efficiency
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We use only proven construction materials and manage construction according to international standards. Each stage of work at the construction site passes 3 levels of quality control. All our villas are capital and have a service life of 30 years.
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We carefully monitor the quality of construction and use proven materials so that nothing threatens the health of your family. We prevent the appearance of mold and rotting of metal in a tropical climate.
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We organise every inch of the space so that villa navigation is intuitively clear for you and your guests.
Land piece selection
We will help you select a land piece according to your parameters. We analyze its investment attractiveness and legal purity. We analyze the soil and its seismic resistance. We are fighting for exceptional conditions to purchase or lease land for our clients.
Your villa design concept
We develop a turnkey project. We locate a villa on the land in the way to fill it with natural light and freshness. We offer 3D visualization for approval. We calculate the construction and make an accurate calculation of all the necessary materials for construction.
Interior design development
We study in detail all desires and features of your lifestyle. We offer for free up to three architectural decisions, designed according to your individual preferences. In each variant we reflect you and a unique architectural idea.
We create unique, clear and intuitive designs. We fill the space with meaning and all the necessary infrastructure which would fit your lifestyle.
Development of architectural solutions

Our approach to construction

At the request of the customer, we make a VR tour before starting villa construction.We provide an opportunity to visit the villa and feel the energy of the space before the start of construction work.
The first stage of construction
We fix the deadlines and the cost of construction work, as well as the cost of materials. We monitor compliance with strict regulations for the construction of the foundation in accordance with the geodesy of the site and structural solutions so that the entire structure is resistant to seismic activity. We use proven materials with a long service life.
Filling the space with intelligence
We supply the construction site with environmentally friendly materials which are resistant to tropical humid climate. If necessary, we arrange logistics of materials from Europe or other parts of the world in order to implement the project in 100% compliance with the design.
Villa management
We fill the space with intelligence linking all the functions and equipment in the house into one information space which you can control using your smartphone. Also we provide a possibility to create an autonomous energy source based on solar panels, which will allow you to save monthly on electricity and protect the planet.
We provide timely maintenance of the villa and its management so that you get the highest possible return on investment.
Interior finishing
A supervisor monitors the quality of construction. Each stage of construction passes 3 levels of quality control, where the work is accepted by
- Project Manager
- Director of Construction
- Independent technical supervision

Why is it profitable to invest into construction in Bali?

Return on investment ROI is by 10%.
Hobbies for every taste
Growing market
Nature and culture
Surfing, yoga, paragliding, hiking and glamping; it seems that in Bali you can find everything your soul desires.
Bali is in TOP-5 world tourist destinations. More than 19 million tourists visit the island annually. Out of them there are at least 6 million tourists from 30 countries of the world such as Australia, Singapore, China and so on. The flow of tourists is growing annually by 8-16%. Even during the pandemics the market lives for the sake of expats and inner tourism.
Bali is a place where you can see volcanoes, cliffs, rainforests, white-sand beaches and incredible sunsets. All that is in one place.

Our team

Stolbnikov Pavel
6 years experience in
Real estate development
Ermakov Mikhail
Head of investment dept.
10 years investment experience
We are pendants, aesthetes and enthusiasts. Our work inspires us and our clients.
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Real estate experience of 4 years
Head of sales dept.


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